There are many ways to be involved with the Pennine Film Festival. You can come to a screening of one of the events running all year round, you can attend the Pennine Film Festival itself, you can volunteer to be part of the festival team or you can take part in one of the fabulous programmes that the Pennine Film Festival team organises throughout the year.

If you simply want to contact us about something other than what is mentioned above, please fill in the form below and we will do our best to come back to you as soon as we can.

Stephen Murphy – Festival Director
Paul Coppack – Festival Organiser / Head of Marketing
Amna Rafiq – Festival Organiser / Education
Paul Sparkes – Festival Organiser / Technical Director
Emma Needham – Social Media Officer
Nicholas Foote – Social Media Officer
Aleshya Easen – Marketing
Aaron Reid – Marketing/Submission
Leo Green – Promotions
Jack Welsby – Submissions
Jessica Peart – Submissions
Nadim Ahmed – Administration
Kaloyan Georgiev – Submissions
Jamie Bendy – Submissions

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